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  • As one of the leading North Wales Printers we offer a range of services and products which help you shine out and stand head and shoulders above anyone else in your field.
  • Let us help you make 2019 your best year yet!

Print communicates who you are
and what you do

Print is not just about looking pretty it’s about delivering profits and building your bottom line. Done well, print works brilliantly. Done badly print can make you cry.
Alec Sharples - Managing Director

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Why we do things the way we do has always been a fascination which is why I'm so excited to share with you some of the things that interest and inspire me in the world of print.


To those of you who loath them it must seem like there are more cookery programmes on TV than there


Have you ever found yourself talking with someone about a shared experience – a film, a book,


Poor Imagery has got to be right up there as one of the top Deadly Design sins. But the trouble i


Sounds good, but don’t just take our word for it...

Why successful businesses like yours work with us

Meet the Team...


Managing Director

My job is to make sure we’re looking after you and your job as best we possibly can. And that means ensuring everyone on the team is treating your job as if it was their own. We’re constantly on the look-out for better ways of doing things to make sure you’ve got the print tools to stay ahead of the game.


Estimating and Accounts

I’m the numbers guy. Crunching and processing your instructions to make sure our production team knows exactly what you want and when you want it. With over 38 years in the industry, I’m on hand to answer anything you need to know about print.


Graphic Designer

Design is my thing too and I love getting my head around some of the really technical stuff which goes on behind the scenes to make sure your designs work just as well on paper as they do on screen. Whether it is a brand-new project or a quick refresh, I love helping customers gain a fresh perspective and help them stand out from the crowd.


Graphic Designer

Design is my thing and along with my colleague Dan we’re the creatives who help turn your thoughts and ideas in to stunning artwork. I absolutely love helping you get all those brilliant ideas out of your head and weaving them in to compelling visual displays - on page and on screen. Helping you and your business stand out from the crown really does it for me.


Print Manager

Licensed to thrill, it’s my job to drive the big beasts in our production room! But big and fun to print on as they are, there’s a very serious side too and that’s making sure your job gets out right first time and … on time too.


Print Finishing

With a keen eye for detail, my job is to make sure your job is finished to perfection. If it’s drilled, punched, folded or bound the chances are I will have a hand in making sure your job gets out on time. I may be at the end of the production line but it’s just the start of the journey for your order.


Marketing and Retail

You’ll find me working alongside Rosie and Val in our nerve-centre – the shop. Everyone says I’m super organised and I love creating systems and processes to make sure the all-important back-office stuff gets done to make sure we’re looking after you every step of the way.



Everyone says I’m a people person which is probably why I love dealing with whatever challenges are put before me in the shop! Whether it is binding, copying, laminating or running our big wide-format press, I love helping you to get your stuff done.


Retail and Print

I’m part of the nerve centre too and with my design background, I’m on hand to sort out file handling and design issues on the spot. As part of the back-up team in the print room, I can whizz your job in to production and sort it out for then and there if it’s super urgent.

Our Clients

Fineline are privileged to be working with top names from all over the UK. Rather than wax lyrical about how our customers love us, we'd like them to speak for themselves...