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Would you like that poached or grilled …?

To those of you who loath them it must seem like there are more cookery programmes on TV than there are atoms in the universe. But love them or loath them they do carry an important message when it comes to print.

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost the plot because, it’s quite an important lesson.

Leaving aside their repetitive mantra of only using fresh local ingredients, the message which the top chefs espouse time and time again is the importance of keeping things simple. Because simple thing done well look good. And that’s the message which hit me over the head like a sledgehammer the other night because I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it, its never resonated so powerfully.

And the reason it did so was because simplicity is something marketers, graphic designers and printers all too often forget.

They come up with an idea, project or campaign and then they throw the kitchen sink at it. So much so that the poor reader is completely overwhelmed. And when that happens you’ve lost them and they’re on to the next big thing – and it almost certainly isn’t going to be yours.

The importance of distilling your message down to the very core of its essence and conveying that on your piece of print is a lesson well learned.

Remember, there are only a tiny handful of things your promotional matter has to achieve, and these are to:

  1. To attract the readers attention so that they pick it up and read it.
  2. To inspire them to take action
  3. To get in touch with you to buy or continue the discussion.

Everything else is superfluous – and that’s my message for this week.

I hope it’s been useful and if you’d like to bounce around ideas to help make your print more profitable please drop us a line on 01824 70 5800 or and we’ll do our best to help.

That's all for this week.

Have fun and until next time …



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Graphic Design: Deadly Sin No 4 – What takes your fancy …?

Have you ever found yourself talking with someone about a shared experience – a film, a book, a picture or a meal out perhaps?

Many times, I’m sure, you’ll have chatted animatedly about how much you both enjoyed it.

But … how many times, may I ask, have you found yourself having to bite your tongue because you are in complete disagreement?

You’ve both seen the same film, read the same book or been to the same restaurant and whilst you loved it, the other person didn’t like it one bit!

Well, that’s life.

It happens all the time and we get over it and move on. So many things are subjective – even if we think they’re Black & White. One person loves it and anther hates it.

And so it can be with graphic design (sometimes!).

You sit down with your designer and tell them excitedly about your new project and wait with bated breath for the first drafts to be rushed over to you.

And when they arrive ….? You’ve guessed it. Your designer loves it and you hate it.

So, what can you do about it? Well, it’s quite easy really.

Next time you are talking over a new project, tell your designer all the things you like and … set some time aside to tell what you don’t like too. It might be that you don’t like certain colours. Or … you might not like a particular typeface. Whatever it is, make sure your designer knows all your likes as well as your dislikes before letting them weave their creative magic.

It’ll save you and your designer loads of time and … be a happier experience. For them and you.

Till next time …

Graphic Design: Deadly Sin No 5 – Poor Imagery …

Poor Imagery has got to be right up there as one of the top Deadly Design sins.

But the trouble is that most people don’t even know it’s their fault.

Their designer tells them they’d need this image or that … and a trade logo or two perhaps and off they toddle. Heading straight for their laptops to hunt those babies down.

In no time at all they’ve found what they want floating around on the web and with a deft “right click and save” the job’s done and the imagery is in the bag. Or is it?

This job is a doddle they think as they skip blissfully unaware through their to-do list and get the whole thing wrapped up in no more time than it takes to make a (really) good cup of coffee.

But, boy have they got it wrong. They’re about to find out and it’s not going to be a happy experience when their designer calls back to say that the whole lot are unusable.

But why?

Everything looked great on screen – why can’t you use it they ask?

The trouble is that imagery used on the web is low res – typically 72dpi or Dots (Pixels) per Inch. For print you need images of 300dpi or more.

These dots, or more importantly, pixels are bits of detail which make up the image. The more there are the more detail there is. But print needs more than four times as many pixels per inch as your screen to render a sharp image.

So, where do you find good quality images?

Your trade association will be able to provide you with print res logos so just drop them a line.

If it’s photos or product shots you need then online libraries abound. Some are better than others but one that I turn to time and time again is the Adobe image library.


With images of just about everything you are likely to need and very affordable too – really great imagery needn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Till next time …

Please don’t get all emotional …

To start a post with the words:

“I sat down at the boardroom table

last week surrounded by accountants …”

sounds like a signal to hit the off button and real quick. Doesn’t it?

But, surprising as it may sound, we uncovered lots of really useful stuff which applies to YOU and your business.

Yes, you!

And if you think your business is a million miles away from sharing any common ground with the dry-as-dust field of accountancy you couldn’t be more wrong.

Under discussion was a new website but before we got down to stuff like design, colour schemes and snazzy layouts I needed the number crunchers to divert their attention elsewhere.

What I really needed them to do was to dig deep to find out why people used them and the emotions in play when people go looking for a new accountant.

Their “Reason Why” if you like.

The reason this is so important is because people make instant buying decisions based on emotions and only rationalise much later.

The emotional stuff, even if you don’t think your business does touchy feely, will press people’s buttons faster than you think.

It’s a statement of the bleedin’ obvious, I know, but it still needs saying.

The reason this is so important is because every minute of every day, people are make purchasing decisions based on emotion.

And because they are, your marketing material has got to do a lot more talking to potential customers on an emotional level and a little less on facts and figures.

As important as facts and figures are, a little bit of thinking time about tapping in to your customers’ emotional drivers and their wants rather than their needs will pay big dividends.

Have fun and till next time …

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