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I’d like to answer your question about how much it costs to print your business cards.

In truth, there are lots of factors which affect cost but in the main, these can be condensed down to just five main reasons.

I know we are going to look specifically at Business Cards here but it’s worth bearing in mind that the factors we’re about to talk about apply to many other print products too.


1: Design 

2: Ordering Method 

3: The type of card stock you request.

4: The print process

5: The quantity you order.


Let’s look at these five factors in a little more detail.


1: Design.

The options open to you are that …

You are creating the Artwork yourself. 

You might want to ask a professional designer to do it for you or …. 

you might be happy to use an online template.


Designing yourself isn’t going to cost you anything apart from time.

A professional designer could charge you anything from £25 + vat up to £75 + vat or more.

Using an online template, on the other hand, is likely to be free.

All three options have their merits although the use of an online template is likely to restrict your creativity.

On the other hand, employing a professional graphic designer could help you bring a touch of magic to your work. 

The extra cost of doing this might make all the difference if people take notice and call you up.


2: Ordering Method.

The two most common methods you could use to order your Business Cards would be …

  • Ordering online and uploading a print ready file or … 
  • Calling up your regular printer to create a manually generated order.


Ordering online is likely to be the most cost-effective option simply because you do all the legwork yourself.

An average manually processed order can involve up to eight human touch points. Online ordering can remove half or more of these steps leading to a big reduction in cost.

To give you an example: 

100 single sided Business Cards can be purchased online for as little as £10 + vat. If you ordered the same quantity conventionally this could be £35 + vat or more.


3: Card stock.

The range of card stocks available for Business Cards is vast but in the main 350gsm to 400gsm Boards are the most common options and will be the starting point for the prices we talked about a few seconds ago.

As soon as you move off the beaten track and request ultra-thick boards or boards with special finishes these options can double or sometimes treble the price you are quoted.


4: The Print Process

For most people, their cards will be printed digitally or conventionally (that’s using wet ink). 

Again, these processes form the starting prices we’ve looked at earlier. However, special print methods such as embossing, shiny metallic finishes or raised print will all affect the price markedly.

Let’s compare 250 single-sided Business Card digitally printed on a standard card stock and ordered manually. 

The starting point could be anything from £35 + vat upwards. The cost for Silver or Gold Foiled cards, on the other hand, could be £95 + vat and counting.

For everyday use, these prices might seem unsustainable. However, if you were selling high ticket value items or selling to high net worth individuals then a card which stands out from the crowd could be a good investment.


5: Quantity

It stands to reason that the quantity of Business Cards you order will have a profound effect on the price you pay. 

Simply for the reason that the printing, processing and handling of small orders does not vary a great deal whether you are ordering 100 Business Cards or 1,000.

Let’s compare an online order for 100 Cards at £10 + vat and contrast that with a price of around £25 to £45 + vat for 1,000 Cards.  You don’t need a calculator to see how the unit cost plummets the more you have.


I hope this quick skim through has been helpful and thanks for dropping in.


But before you go …

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