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Hello, I’m Alec from Fineline Print, and I’m back again to talk to you about sending your Print Ready Artwork to your print provider and which file type is best.

The short answer is a High Res PDF.

Without a doubt, PDFs are the Number 1 file type preferred by print providers in the UK. 

But why? Well … 

  • They are compatible across different platforms such as Mac and PC.
  • The page layout and formatting is locked down and won’t change.
  • They are viewable on any device
  • They are independent of the application used to create the Artwork.
  • Manageable file size: they are smaller than the parent application but without loss of quality.
  • They are quick and easy to create.

If you’ve lovingly created a piece of Artwork in Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint or even PagePlus it is tempting to send it to your print provider and ask them to print the document off for you.


But there are several real dangers in this approach.


  • You present print provider may not have the parent software – never mind the right version.


  • Even if they did, and this applies to MS Word especially, the page contents aren’t always fixed. Graphics may move, page breaks will change, so may fonts too and you could find yourself in disaster recovery mode before you’ve even had the job printed.



So, unless you and your print provider are prepared to go back and forth correcting every small formatting error then this approach is a non-starter.

To save yourself a whole load of hassle, I’d recommend a PDF every time. In the next guide: “How to Prepare a PDF for Commercial Print”, we’ll be looking at how to ensure your Print Ready PDF is just that.




But before you go …

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