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Some techie stuff to check before you send:

We’ll need a high res PDF with crop marks and all colours converted to CMYK.

Bleed: we need 3mm bleed all round.

Check that any text or graphics are no closer than 5mm from the edge of the page. N.B. this does not apply to background images which bleed off the page.

Check to ensure there is no critical text which lies outside the printing area, as this will be cut off during the final trim.

If there’s more than one side or page please merge all pages in to one multi-page file. If you are sending a double-sided leaflet, for example, that would be a two-page file. For an 8-page booklet you’d be sending us an 8-page PDF where page one would be the front cover and page eight the back cover.

If you get stuck, don’t worry, we’re here to help so give us a call on...

- and we’ll do our best to help.

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